Organization overview


royecto Horizonte is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It began its work in 2004 as a privately funded organization and since then has been supporting communities to implement programs in education, health and community development. These programs have been identified as solutions to the many and varied needs and problems that they face. They are designed after a process that aims to identify, prioritize and analyse the problems and needs and each program has a plan to be community run and economically sustainable.

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he first program to be implemented was a day-care centre in 2004 and each year since then Proyecto Horizonte has implemented new programs and continued to adapt to the community. We now support programs for children, youth and adults in the areas of health, education and community development.

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Depending on the program, our role can be operational, one of advice and guidance or of administration. In all cases, we build local skills and increase responsibility until a full handover of roles is achieved.


We work in close coordination with government authorities and other organisations to ensure that our work is complementary with that of other stakeholders and as effective as possible. 


We have no political or religious affiliations, our programs comply with local and international laws and regulations and we are 100% transparent about the use of funds.