Out Team On Site and Internationally

Christian Ruehmer
Co-Founder and President

Christian co-founded Proyecto Horizonte and represents it internationally. As President of the NGO, he is involved in the most important decisions. He is also responsible for sourcing international funding and creating future plans for the project.

Mabel Romero
Head of Operations

Mabel is the local head of operations (CEO) of Proyecto Horizonte. She is responsible for the day-to-day management and representation of Proyecto Horizonte in Bolivia. Mabel has worked in various capacities with Proyecto Horizonte since 2006 including Director of the Day Centre.

Erica Zambrana
Head of Adminstration

Erika heads the administration of Proyecto Horizonte on-site, being responsible for all the financial reporting requirements, budgets, payroll and inventory of the organisation and providing guidance to the community members in the administration of their programs.

Rossy Libertad Castro Ascarraga
Clinical Psychologist

Libertad runs the Personal Development and Skills Training program. She teaches a school subject to secondary school students and runs the parents school and workshops in schools and the community.

Ingrid Aracelly Medrano Sarmiento
Educational Psychologist
Rafael Morales
Legal Advisor

Rafael is our local legal advisor and ensures compliance with all local laws and regulations and plays a key role in the relationship with local authorities. He also provides legal advice to members of the community as part of our programs.

Rilda Huarachi
Social Worker