General Medicine


n 2006, after noticing that community members had to travel several kilometers to access health care, we built a health center in Ushpa-Uspha. Currently, we have two doctors, two nurses, a biochemist, and interns that attend to the general medical needs of the community. Our health center receives on average 100 patients a day, and commonly treated diseases include malnutrition, diarrhea, and flus. Other services provided by our medical professionals include pre- and post-natal monitoring, vaccinations, child development evaluations, and treatment of wounds and burns. 

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ver 20 patients a day are treated by our two dentists. In addition, dentistry workshops are offered regularly at the community schools to educate our children about the importance of dental hygiene.

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Serious Illness programs 


uberculosis, chagas, rabies, HIV, and renal infections are serious preventable illnesses that are prevalent in Ushpa-Ushpa. Our health professionals work with the government to provide vaccinations, treatment, and educational initiatives in order to eradicate these diseases.

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Public Health


e aim to reduce the incidence of serious illnesses, as well as unwanted and teenage pregnancies, with workshops and other educational outreach activities. We are committed to providing community members with the reliable information that they need to make responsible and informed decisions. 

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